TIKI NEWS - the definitive publication for Tiki aficionados and a great Web resource for Tiki happenings around the globe

HUMUHUMU'S CRITIKI - an online guide to Tiki bars around the globe

CLUB TIKI - publishers of some definitive tropical drink mix books

KAHIKI - until its demolition in August 2000, this Columbus restaurant was the crown jewel of midwest Tikidom; its ghost lives on as a line of frozen foods...

THE MAI-KAI - since the demise of the Kahiki, the last surviving grand Polynesian dining palace in North America, located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

AQUA SURF SHOP - San Francisco-based Tikified surf boutique

SHAG - the poptastic retro work of hipster artist Shag...Tikiness abounds, as does so much more!

THE ART OF SAM GAMBINO - veteran cartoonist/illustrator with groovy Tiki and pop-culture infused work

TIKI OBJECTS BY BOSKO - fine, hand-crafted original Tiki bars and objets d'art, plus affordable, mass-produced Tiki and Luau accoutrements for sale


SOUTH SIDE PITTSBURGH - more info on Pittsburgh's nifty South Side district

BEEHIVE COFFEEHOUSE - also on Carson St. in Pittsburgh's South Side, from the fine proprietors who brought you the Tiki Lounge!

TJ THE DJ - Web site for TJ, the Tiki Lounge's resident weekend disc jockey

THISISHAPPENING.com - a customizable guide to what's happening around Pittsburgh

PGHevents.com - a comprehensive event site covering the Pittsburgh area

THE ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM - right here in glorious Pittsburgh!

THE CARNEGIE MUSEUMS - Art! Science! Natural History!

MATTRESS FACTORY - a contemporary art museum specializing in room-sized art installations

SILVER EYE CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY - exhibitions of work by locally, nationally, and internationally recognized photographers

BLUE RUIN GALLERY - an alternative gallery providing "accessories for an artful life"

VENTURE OUTDOORS - not-for-profit organization dedicated to regional outdoor recreation

THE RANDOM BROTHERS - Western Pennsylvania's most outrageous acoustic band; site includes a gigantic index of other local band links

SLACKER - Pittsburgh's self-proclaimed "number one shop to find a wide variety of the coolest, anti-fashion clothing and accessories"


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