How to Buy a Ukulele: Price vs. Quality

There are quite a few factors to consider when you set out to buy a best ukulele for beginners. They come in a wide variety of types, sizes, shapes, and prices.

The uke as it is often called is not a toy as many people think of it. It is a serious instrument that is capable of producing a rich unique sound if you choose correctly.

That can be difficult if you are new to the world of stringed instruments, so that’s what this article will attempt to simplify.

How to Buy a Ukulele: Price vs. Quality

One of the first things you will want to consider when you buy a ukulele is price versus quality.

Prices vary wildly. You can find really cheap ukuleles for around twenty dollars, but if you plan on making any real music with it you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Quality handmade instruments and cost over a thousand dollars.

When looking to purchase your first uke you should be willing to spend fifty to one hundred dollars to be sure you are getting decent materials.

If you want something to learn on and play for your family a good starter instrument is the Lanakai LU-21.

I briefly mentioned materials earlier and they are a major factor in the price when you buy a ukulele.

A big part of the price is the type of wood that is used to build the body of the instrument.

Koa is a Hawaiian wood that is the traditional type that was used for the very first ukes. Koa produces a very bright sound and has a beautiful grain pattern.

If you are considering a more middle of the range instrument you may want to consider the striking Koa made Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Uke.

Either of the two instruments above would be a good investment when you buy a ukulele for the first time.

They both come from respected instrument manufacturers with proven track records for building quality ukes.

However, if you will be around other uke players and want something that will stand out in the crowd a bit more without breaking the bank you may want to consider the Luna Tattoo Concert Uke.

It’s still a quality instrument, but it has a little more flair.

So, now that you understand that the uke is more than a silly toy and that with a fairly small investment you can get and instrument you can be proud of aren’t you excited to buy a ukulele?

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